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The Drinklings

               A Writers Group

The Toymaker: Winter Tale (Book One)

The Toymaker: Under the Mountain (Book Two)

The Toymaker: Final Stand (Book Three)

Predictions were made before he was born. The Toymaker foretold the impending doom, a shift of seasons, the disappearing sun, a long winter begins—endless snowfall. In a frozen wasteland a band of flesh-eaters rise from the aftermath, calling themselves The Legion of Klowns. Bryce Turner is a 17 year-old coward who hates his life, forced to subsist on the outskirts of the survival zone, dealing with predators, both beasts and human freaks. When the Klowns decimate his family, he must face his worst fear. So what does a teenage coward do? He goes after the maniac responsible—the Toymaker and his army of brainwashed soldiers and discovers that sometimes the coward who runs away from everything just might be the hero the world needs…