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The Drinklings

               A Writers Group

The Cave of Broken Dreams

Why did an old man and his granddaughter want Sean Tracy to hunt up relics buried in woods in Latvia anyway? He's a miner and a geology professor from Colorado for God's sake not an archeologist. And besides, his medieval scholar wife's in a coma and he caused it.

He doesn't know it but what they really want to get their hands on is Christendom's holiest relic: the Crown of Thorns. How the relic came to be hidden in a cave in Latvia is a story that spans two thousand years, jumping through history and today to reveal the struggles of empires for dominance, the lives of diplomats, industrialists, priests, warriors, kings and a noblewoman who risked everything to save her captured warrior husband from "barbarians." And yet, in an international search extending from Latvia to Iraq, Samarkand, Kiev, and Rome, Tracy will find his greatest reward at his wife's sickbed at home in Colorado.