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The Drinklings

               A Writers Group

Jesus Christ SuperTeen

What if you hung out with Jesus before he was, well, J.E.S.U.S? What if Jesus went to your high school, drove an old Jeep and delivered pizzas part-time to save money for college? For Paul Watson, Jesus is just that: an A.P. student and pizza delivery co-worker who becomes a close friend. When a seemingly random pizza delivery mixes up Paul with Jesus – and an eerie and awkward encounter with the Lord of Darkness himself – the two friends are catapulted on a journey beyond space and time … literally.

Jesus Christ SuperTeen is a hilarious look at teen life in modern America with a unique twist that places Jesus as a twenty-first century teenager before he becomes, well, J.E.S.U.S! Filled with a fascinating glimpse of the modern high school and the pizza delivery business, this book will have you laughing right up until the climax where the afterlife resembles more the DMV than fire and brimstone. This novel is Tom Stoppard meets Douglas Adams for the YA set.

For teens and older.


Meet Paul. Paul is an Honor student, ranked third in the Junior class, and delivers pizza part-time. Paul has just received a text from his girlfriend that she wants to see other people. Sound familiar? And so begins Paul’s odyssey to understand why his girlfriend has dumped him. In the meantime, Paul meets Jesus, a fellow Honor student, ranked second in the Junior class and also delivers pizzas part time. It all takes a dramatic twist for the bizarre when Paul mistakenly takes a delivery that Jesus was supposed to take. Will Paul make any sense out of the creepy guy with pristine dental work? Will Paul be able to solve the mystery of his girlfriend’s odd behavior and seeming disappearance? And is Yuri, the school janitor, actually an interdimensional being? And, more importantly, will Paul ever get his Medea paper done and turned in on time?


Meet Paul (again). Yes, Paul has solved the mystery of his girlfriend’s behavior; no, Paul makes no sense out of his encounter with the creepy guy; and, yes, Paul does manage to finish his paper and turn it in on time. However, Paul, Jesus and Lacy only discover more unanswered questions than answers. It doesn’t help matters either that Jesus finally meets the creepy guy with the pristine dental work. Will Paul be able to make any sense out how increasingly bizarre and surreal his life has become since becoming friends with Jesus? Don’t count on it, but, then again, never underestimate an Honors nerd.


Meet Paul (right, you’ve met). Paul, Jesus and Lacy are not any closer to solving the mysteries of their lives: Yuri, the Russian janitor, is clearly not who he seems to be, but then just who is he? Jesus has finally met he of the pristine dental work but how can he know Jesus but Jesus not know him? Will Paul and Jesus be able to arrange another meet and get some of these annoying questions answered? Perhaps the Winter Ball dance and a trip beyond Space and Time will finally answer the ultimate question: where did all the question marks go?

the godforgotten

For adults. Cautions: pervasive language, adult themes, sexuality, abortion images.

On Sunday, July 4th, a fellow parishioner guns down Dr. Richard Banks before the start of service. Why would anyone shoot the esteemed doctor in his own sanctuary?

Inspired by a true event, the godforgotten follows the intertwining lives of six people each affected by the doctor’s shooting. This seemingly random tragedy exposes an American society wrestling with its own inner demons where once identifiable moral positions, clearly black or white, have fast become painted in larger swaths of gray. Against this backdrop, one man fatefully decides to cut out what he sees as a cancer in the decaying moral fabric of his beloved country.

Written in a fast-paced and pulsing raw style, this gripping novel takes you deep into the inner turmoil of its six antagonists as they confront a drastically changed American landscape.

A Fire Beautiful, the Fire Tragic

FOR 16+. CAUTIONS: adult themes, moderate language, catastrophe images (forest fire).

He thought he was free; a pledge to die alone and forgotten.

But one good deed and his past catches up with him.

"A Fire Beautiful, The Fire Tragic" is the story of an “outlaw” defrocked priest, breaking parole after serving time as a sexual predator. Unable to cope with life after prison, he squats in the national forest outside the small mountain town of Fossil, Colorado.

His plan? To die alone but free, at his own hand if necessary.

Through a random event, the ex-priest’s presence ignites buried tensions for residents of the local community. What does this one good act say about this ostracized man? This one simple act of goodwill sets in motion a chain of events that culminates in a devastating forest fire that will change their lives and the pristine landscape. God’s judgment or man’s folly?

This story of five narratives, written in a unique writing style, is a fast-paced, tragic collision of multiple dramas. This novel combines the tragic structure of the classic Shakespeare and Modern “anti-hero” against the backdrop of a universe that pits chaos and human will against the supernatural, fate and God.

Judas, the Son

Rated: PG-16. Cautions: adult themes, rape references, crucifixion images.

What’s in a name? For Judas Thomas, named after the infamous betrayer, a great many things. For centuries, Judas Iscariot has been the most despised figure in Western Civilization. Betrayer or scapegoat? For a young boy born in 1970, his greatest obstacle in life is not his conception by a violent rape or his difficult and strict upbringing in a Catholic orphanage nor his mixed race. For this young orphan, his greatest challenge is his name: Judas, named for the infamous betrayer-disciple. This is the story of one boy’s rise from orphan to courtroom zealot to felon and finally to father and the ultimate sacrifice.

This is the striking debut novel by E.W. MacEnulty II.

For high school and older. CAUTIONS: crucifixion, hanging, and rape images

“Absolutely stunning … an excellently plotted work. The pace is both intense and electrifying. I was engrossed in this challenging novel from beginning to end – an ending that is open to varied conclusions.”

~ iUniverse Editorial Review


Rated: PG. Cautions: western violence/gunplay.

He thought they were a myth; he thought they were folklore of the old west. Ghost Riders: damned men doomed to ride the skies, chasing the devil's herd for eternity.

Yes, for the violent and infamous outlaw Richard 'The Eye' Scott, he thought them myth ... until he met them.

Forced to change his sinful ways, the Ghost Riders leave him the messenger Gabriel. It turns out that Gabriel is more even more violent than Richard. What is message in their mysterious messenger? Is he an angel or a demon?

Through the vast vistas of the American southwest, 'RIDERS' takes the reader on the unbelievable journey into the heart of a violent man.